Le Concept Store by Marie-Laure Harel

Found us at Le Concept Store! Everyone around Mauritius, and not just in the north, knows Le Concept Store by Marie-Laure Harel. Fashionistas from all around the island know that this shop is the must when you want to find a wide range of renown and to-discover brands in one same place. We fell in love with this boutique and decided to collaborate with them and have our collections there. The shop is simply awesome not only for its uniqueness but also for the amazing welcome of our two favourite salespersons, Roshni and Rosebee. Yes ladies, shopping can definitely be a cosy and pampering experience and Le Concept Store is definitely the place to be. Do not hesitate to have-a-go and discover the amazing collections available there. All of our collections are available there!Β 

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